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Contract Award by QCBS on Consultancy services for Design for transfer station and new landfill sites PDF Print E-mail

Contract Awarded by QCBS

Project Name: Integrated Solid Waste Management Project
Country: The Republic of Azerbaijan
Project Number: P110679

Bid/Contract Reference No: Consultancy Services / C-5
Scope of Contract: Design for transfer station and new landfill sites
Method of Selection: QCBS
Duration of Contract: Eighteen months
Evaluation Currency: USD

Awarded Consultant(s)/Firm

Name: COWI A/S
Address*: Parallelvej 2, DK-2800 Kongens Lyngby, Denmark
Technical score: 74,92
Financial score: 100,00
Final evaluation price: 1,550,000.00
Final score: 79,94
Final ranking: 1
Final negotiated price: 1,550,000.00

Evaluated Consultant(s)/Firm

Name: Fichtner GmbH & Co KG
Address*: Sarweystrasse 3, 70191, Stuttgart, Germany
Technical score: 71,73
Financial score: 96,91
Final evaluation price: 1,599,492.00
Final score: 76,76
Final ranking: 4

Name: Joint Venture of EPTISA Servicios de Ingenieria S.L. (Leader of JV) - AQWADEM Consulting
Address*: c/Emilio Munoz 35-37, 28037 Madrid, Spain
Technical score: 70,51
Financial score: 97,61
Final evaluation price: 1,588,000.00
Final score: 75,93
Final ranking: 5

Name: EPTA Environmental Consultants Engineers
Address*: 16 Iniohou Str., Halandri, 15238, Athens, Greece
Technical score: 73,54
Financial score: 96,89
Final evaluation price: 1,599,685.00
Final score: 78,21
Final ranking: 3

Name: Joint Venture of WSP (Leader of JV) -Ramboll Finland Ltd
Address*: Heikkilantie 7, FI-00210 Helsinki, Finland
Technical score: 73,88
Financial score: 97,19
Final evaluation price: 1,594,750.00
Final score: 78,54
Final ranking: 2

Rejected Consultant(s)/Firm



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