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The World Bank mission paid a visit to Shamkir region PDF Print E-mail
The World Bank's subsequent mission in relation to the implementation of the Integrated Solid Waste Management Project took place on 5-9 February 2018. In the context of the mission meetings, the progress made in implementing the ISWM project, key events on accomplishing the plan of actions and further steps, as well as initial preparations for the proposed National Solid Waste Management Project were discussed. Mission representatives visited possible project areas, as well as the proposed project site in the Shamkir region. On 8th February, The World Bank mission together with the PMT representatives held a meeting with the First Deputy Head of the Executive Power of Shamkir Region, Mr Gudrat Aliyev. During the meeting detailed information on the National Strategy on Waste Management and the distribution of waste zones was disclosed. According to the National Strategy, it is envisaged to construct a regional sanitary landfill for disposal of domestic wastes in several regions of Azerbaijan, including the Shamkir region. The matter of new machinery and equipment purchase for the Shamkir region within the framework of the new project was also covered.

The Integrated Solid Waste Management Project was awarded PDF Print E-mail
On November 1, 2017, the Integrated Solid Waste Management Project was awarded with certificate for contribution to health of Baku city population and environmental improvement . The award was presented within the framework of events organized on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of cooperation between the World Bank and the Government of Azerbaijan. The Integrated Solid Waste Management Project is being implemented since 2009 by the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the World Bank in order to improve solid waste management in Baku. Within the framework of the project, landfills located in Garadagh and Surakhani regions were fully restored, Greater Baku Strategy  and National Strategy Documents on Solid Waste Management have been prepared, the legal framework on the field  was analyzed and new legislation acts and regulations were developed, the waste electronic information system was launched, 41 illegal landfills were closed, various containers and waste trucks were supplied, Balakhani landfill was completely rehabilitated as a sanitary landfill.

The first solid waste sanitary landfill was built in Azerbaijan PDF Print E-mail

Balakhani waste  landfill has been fully rehabilitated in compliance with modern environmental and sanitary norms within the framework of  Integrated Solid Waste Management Project, implemented jointly by the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the World Bank.


The construction works of the transformation of Balakhani landfill to sanitary landfill that meets the highest international standards and will extend its operation for the next 20 years, were started in the beginning of 2015. Although the location  of the landfill is on the shore of the “Boyuk Shor” lake and in an area with complicated terrain,  all the construction and restoration works have been carried out successfully.

The rehabilitation of landfill was implemented by a consortium of Turkish “Gokshin Inshaat” and Greek “Mesogeos S.A” companies. As a result of restoration works, grounding was completed in the area of 60 hectares and respectively 2.9 million m² material was covered with a special variety purpose (geogrid, geotextile, geomembrane etc.) isolation layers. A total of 26 special waste disposal cells were built and  capacity was created for the disposal of approximately 9.7 million tons of waste in the constructed area.   At the same time, in order to collect the leachate and  storm water as well as biogas, a network of high-density polyethylene pipes of different sizes  with 40 km long, 15 special manholes, 2 pools for pre-treatment of leachate in capacity of 1500 m³ and 400 m³ respectively, trenches with 3 km long, more than 400 biogas collection wells were installed. A special type of reverse osmosis treatment plant was built for leachate water treatment with daily capacity of 80 m3.  CHP unit for biogas collection and its conversion to energy was also installed in the territory.  Greenery   and renovation  works have been carried out in order to prevent erosion in the landfill area.

It should be emphasized that all construction and restoration works on the landfill were implemented under the technical control of the German "Fichtner" company.

National Strategy on solid waste management is being prepared PDF Print E-mail
Concept Paper Workshop on National Solid Waste Management Strategy was organized  by the Ministry of Economy and Industry. Representatives of different governmental bodies, international organizations and consultancies took a part in this event.  

Sahil Babayev, deputy minister of the Ministry of Economy and Industry, director of the Project Management Team of “Integrated Solid Waste Management Project” noted in his speech that environmental protection, the protection of pulic health, modernization and reconstruction of solid waste management are priority directions in our country. He highlighted that, in accordance with the Order of the President of Azerbaijan Republic, “Tamiz Shahar” OJSC was created for the purposes of disposal and placement of municipal solid waste in capital city, solid waste sorting plant and waste to energy plant was operated  in the Balakhani Settlement.  Currently, Eco-Industrial Park is being established in Balakhani.

Garadagh and Surakhany landfills were fully rehabilatated, Greater Baku Strategy on solid waste management and report on optimization of the system for collection and transportation of solid waste in Baku city was prepared, implementation of an electronic information system of waste was launched, 41 largest illegal dumpsites in Baku city and its surronding  areas were closed, 3239 waste containers of various sizes and 29 waste trucks were equiped  for improving collection and transportation system in the capital, within the framework of “Integrated Solid Waste Management Project” since 2009 by Ministry of Economy and Industry and World Bank.
Reconstruction works of Balakhani landfill, as well as preparation of National Solid Waste Management Strategy, Feasibility studies and Regional Investment Plan were conducted  during the second phase of the project covering 2014-2016 years. For this purpose, consortium of international consulting companies have been involved and studies have been conducted  to define  the composition and volume of waste in 11 pilot areas in order to study the current situation of solid waste management in our country, researches have been carried on country`s road network, relief, geological, topographic and  hydrogeological characteristics, and network of rivers and lakes,  statistical data from various government agencies,and  surveys from regions and cities have been analyzed. Basing on this information, consulting company has proposed the creation of a network of regional sanitary landfill and transfer stations, as an optimal choice of establishment of transportation, collection and disposal system on sustainable management of solid waste in the country, and prepared draft concept paper reflecting selection and development scenarios on legal, administrative, financial, institutional and technological reforms in the field. Taking into account opinions and suggestions of relevant government  agencies, final project of  National Strategy on solid waste management  will be prepared basing  on concept paper.

Larisa Leshchenko, World Bank Country Manager for Azerbaijan, noted about multifaceted cooperation between World Bank and Azerbaijan and its successful continuation in a number of areas and shared her views on the project.   

Zakir Ibrahimov, Chairman of the Board of “Tamiz Shahar” OJSC mentioned in his speech about activities  of this body, spoke about the work done in the field of waste disposal and deployment.  

Then, presentations were made on the current situation of solid waste management in Azerbaijan and future targets of this field, goals of National Solid Waste Management Strategy and Concept paper. Relevant agencies expressed their opinions and suggestions on the draft document Concept paper.

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