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Currently, Azerbaijan Republic is in the dynamic economic development process. The issues related to environmental protection, people's living in a healthy environment and use of natural resources for the sake of improvement of welfare of the population have an important role in general development conception focused on wide socio-economic reforms of the country.

In recent years, the rapid development of the economy, including ore mining, processing industry fields and construction complex are observed with anthropogenic impacts on the environment. As, the level of pollution of water basins and atmosphere is higher than the allowed normative indicators, at the same time drinkable water shortage, deforestation, erosion of lands, landslide and town planning processes have been activated in separate regions. The cases of pollution of territories of industrial canters such as Absheron peninsula, Kur-Araz lowland, baku, Sumgait, Ganja, Mingechaur, and Ali Bayramli with oil, oil products and agrochemical substances and municipal wastes have been strengthened. Discharge of industrial waste-water and domestic sewage into the adjacent area have increased the number of lakelets and considerably expanded the area of existing lakes. Due to anthropogenic impacts there is a potential threat of decrease of forest lands and disappear of natural biocenosis.

Some important measures shall be taken for elimination of factors having adverse impacts on the environment and enhancement of ecological situation in the country, also wastewater be treated for restoration of the natural quality of water basins, air, lands in the coastal strip of the Caspian Sea, Absheron peninsula and other regions of the country, drainage systems be reconstructed, contaminated lands be recultivated, forest plantation and recreational areas shall be developed in huge areas, renovation works be conducted and other necessary measures be implemented.

For the purpose of reduction of harmful anthropogenic impacts on natural environment, implementation of complex measures for elimination of the existing ecological problems I RESOLVE:

1. "Complex Plan of Measures for Improvement of Environmental Situation in the Republic of Azerbaijan for 2006-2010 years" to be approved (is annexed).
2. The Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan shall:

2.1. ensure the assessment of measures provided for in the Plan of Measures approved with the paragraph 1 of this Instructive Order and determine and approve sources of financing.
2.2. administer and control over the implementation of the Plan of Measures approved with the paragraph 1 of this Instructive Order and implement the coordination among the relevant government agencies;
2.3. inform the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan in every 6 months on the execution of the Plan of Measures approved with the paragraph 1 of this Instructive Order;
2.4. resolve other issues arising out of or relating to this Instructive Order.

3. This Instructive Order shall become effective on the date of its publication.

The President of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Ilham Aliyev
Bakı, September 28, 2006
No. 1697
Published in «Azerbaijan» newspaper
(September 29, 2006 , No. 220)


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